Making a will or bequest to charity*

Making a Will shows you care. During our lives we can't always help others as much as we would like to. However your Will allows you to make appropriate provision for your family, to leave mementos for close friends, and to extend your life time support to the organisations important to you.

A gift in your Will can be profoundly beneficial to charities like us to help continue our good work well into the future. So if you're planning or updating your Will, please take time to consider Independence Australia. A gift left to our organisation is a practical way of showing your compassion and concern for the wellbeing of people with a disability and provides independence, dignity and quality of life for people with disabilities.

The following information helps you to understand how to make a will or bequest and also includes general information about Wills and estate issues.

A guide to making a bequest

Why make a will?

What if there is no Will?

Types of Bequests

Drafting your Will

Witnessing a Will

Choosing an Executor

Other people claiming your estate

Powers of Attorney

Reviewing your Will

Keeping your Will safe

Consulting a solicitor

Glossary of Terms

"In a 100 years no one will care how much money I made...but they will care that I used my resources to help someone live an independent life."

- Betty (long term donor)

To find out more about bequests to Independence Australia, please call our fundraising team on 1300 704 456 or email [email protected].

Independence Australia wishes to thank the Law Institute of Victoria for its invaluable assistance in preparing this material.


* Disclaimer

  This information gives a broad outline of the law. It is not intended to and does not encompass all aspects of the law on the subject matter. It is only a guide to the present law. No responsibility attaches to Independence Australia for any errors contained in this information. You should obtain legal advice before relying on anything mentioned here.