Ways to help

We are a registered charity

There are many different ways to help us continue our core charitable purpose and improve the quality of life of people with a disability, and those who care for them. From community fundraising to donor functions, you can take the next step in helping people with a disability to regain and retain their independence within a supportive community.

What your donation can do for people with disabilities:

  • deliver psychology and counselling to a young person who has a newly acquired spinal cord injury and is impacted by an uncertain future and at great risk of self-harm
  • help us purchase a lifting machine so a mother with two young children who have disabilities can safely move them
  • help us fund respite staff to step in so a full time carer can have a few hours break while their loved one with a disability is in hospital
  • provide additional care hours so a person with a severe disability can shower daily
  • enable a free of charge short holiday for someone with a severe disability who has not been away for more than 30 years and never seen the Great Ocean Road
  • provide SpinChat sessions to at risk teenagers, through young people with a spinal cord injury visiting schools to deliver their own personal account of the need to minimise at risk behaviour