Your generosity has helped us enhance lives

Thank you - your generosity has helped us enhance lives

When you donate to Independence Australia, you help us give vital support to those in need.

As you know, not everyone living with a disability can access the care or support they require. This is where we’re able to step in, thanks to your support.

Over the years, your generous donations have transformed the lives of so many people living with a disability, in both big ways and small.

Thank you for helping Jess find her confidence

Thank you for helping Jess

Meet Jess. A devastating infection claimed both of her legs below the knee. She then suffered a T5 spinal cord injury, paralysing her from the waist down and meaning she’d never be able to walk again.

With your support, she’s currently moving out of her family home and regaining her active life of drawing, painting, swimming and playing tennis. Jess now feels confident about the future – a stark contrast from the young woman she was just a few years ago.




Your generosity has helped us enhance lives


With your donations, we can help more people like Jess

With most of our programs and services predominately funded from kind donations from generous people like you, we can continue to provide care for some of the most vulnerable people in our community – helping to reduce their anxiety, stress, and depression.