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Six-year-old Noah was born at 29 weeks and has faced constant challenges since birth

He has an absolute catalogue of diagnoses including Mitochondrial Disease, Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, Autism, FPIES, Multiple Protein Intolerance, Sensory Processing Disorder and Ulcerative Colitis. He cannot eat food at all and is fed through a permanent feeding tube attached to his stomach.

Noah had "stroke like episodes" from a very early age and has significant brain damage to four areas of his brain including his brain stem. The brain stem controls vital functions such as breathing, blood pressure, heart function, swallowing, appetite, body temperature, gut function. None of these work properly in Noah.

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In November 2014, Noah had a huge stroke and the damage that was done was catastrophic. The progression damaged his sight, his vestibular function and his motor and sensory nerves. He couldn't even move his head without vomiting. The family and therapists have worked with Noah after each stroke episode to a point of 'recovery' where he can have fun with his mates, attend school and be the cheeky little monkey he should be. But things can change for the family in just a single moment and without warning.

Thanks to Noah's own resilience and the support he and his parents receive from Independence Australia, the family has faced their adversity with courage and given Noah greater life experiences.

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But there's good news

The road so far has been tough, but the love Noah's family has for him and the drive to ensure he can experience and explore what interests him has been an integral part to his happiness.

"I couldn't have done it without the fabulous carers from Independence Australia," says Noah's mum, Kat. "Their practical support has instilled a real sense of hope within us. They are my rock."

"Each Christmas we are given with Noah is an absolute gift so we do everything we can to make it magical," says Kat. "Having family around means everything."

Your support is critical

With your generous support we will be purchasing a specialised car seat for Noah which costs $6,500 and is not covered by funding. There is only one manufacturer in Australia that produces a car seat that meets his requirements and Australian safety standards. This is so that Noah can be safely transported in the family's car.

People with disabilities are often among the most disadvantaged in our community, and face challenges even with everyday life. Independence Australia provides a range of vital services including housing, respite, case management and counselling to help people regain and retain their independence. Yet our services receive little to no government funding. That's why we rely on the generosity of people like you to continue lifting the burden on people with disabilities, and their carers.

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