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with your help we can continue to support those in need

At the age of four, Tim's life changed forever. 

His father took him to live in Zimbabwe where he contracted polio and spent the next three years in an iron lung.

Tim’s father later placed him in an African orphanage, abandoning him to cope with his physical challenges on his own.

The effects of polio, coupled with being born with scoliosis, left Tim’s body with a limited range of movement, in particular in his right arm and leg. His mobility was further affected by the stroke he suffered later in life, which resulted in an Acquired Brain Injury.

Like many others who live with a disability, Tim often experiences overwhelming grief, sadness, hopelessness and shame. These feelings often affect his confidence and self-esteem, leading to him withdraw from life.

Every day, someone needs a lifeline to hope

Tim was able to migrate to Australia and call Melbourne his home.

Today he doesn’t let the facts surrounding his health deter him from wanting to live a fulfilling life within his community. With Independence Australia’s help, Tim is living independently in his own home and community. 


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With your help, we can support more people like Tim

For more than 60 years, people in our community who live with a disability or other personal need have relied and continue to rely on Independence Australia to help them regain and retain their independence. By supporting people with complex needs across a wide range of disabilities, we enable them to fully participate in life— something everyone should be able to do without challenges.

We provide vital health and wellbeing programs and services which receive limited or no government funding.

Your support is critical

These programs and services include counselling for anyone adjusting to life after a disability or are at risk of self-harm. The support groups and workshops are also essential for individuals and families, and provide essential respite to exhausted caregivers.

One-on-one support has been critical in lifting Tim from despair to hope. With all of our consumers, we are able to help them with daily tasks such as cooking, personal grooming, house cleaning, laundry and budget planning.

Even simple tasks that you and I do each day, such as attending the local shops, using public transport or taking part in recreational facilities help our consumers engage socially with their community and build friendships which improve their wellbeing.

Please help us guarantee we can continue to help those in need. 

Everyone has the right to be happy and independent. Sadly though, without these vital services, we won’t be able to continue supporting those who need a helping hand to get through life.