Top 6 living aids

Everyday living is made easier with our most popular living aids from our online store. Specially designed to help you perform everyday tasks without additional help, they can assist you to live more independently at home or in an aged care facility.

#1  Grab Rail


#2  Bath Seat


#3  Over toilet aid

Grab rail   Bath seat   Over toilet aid

Get additional support around the bathroom. If you're standing up from the toilet or getting in or out of the bathtub, it provides additional grip to prevent accidental slipping.

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Make your bathroom safer with this bath seat which provides comfort and safety while you're showering. A great choice if you have good balance while sitting or good back strength.

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Lower yourself onto and rise away from the toilet more easily with this over toilet aid for your home.

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#4  Foldable walking stick


#5  No Water Shampoo


#6 Dressing Stick

     Foldable walking stick
  No water shampoo   Dressing stick

Carry a walking stick that you can fold inside a bag. Strong and sturdy. Perfect for outings and holidays. Ideal for anyone needing extra support while walking.

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Wash your hair without water! Use daily to freshen your hair or to make it clean and free of odours. Ideal for anyone on holidays where there is no water available, children or adults who are afraid of water, or bedridden patients.

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Make dressing yourself less of a daily challenge with this dressing aid which helps you put on or take off your jackets and jeans without bending. It can also be used as a handy shoehorn. Ideal for anyone with reduced arm or hand function.

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Buy one of our bathroom aids, eating aids or dressing aids and you're also supporting a great cause as the income we make is invested back into helping people with disabilities. Learn more.
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