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Disability support group for families of people with spinal cord injuryCall 03 9418 0410
email [email protected]

When a loved one sustains a spinal cord injury, life changes not only for that person but also for those around them. This is a support group specifically for family members supporting a loved one with a spinal cord injury or condition.

The group is an initiative by Independence Australia, with the support of the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital and AQA to support partners and family members. It’s an opportunity to have your questions answered in a confidential and supportive group. You can also share information, experiences, knowledge and support in a friendly and informal setting.

Our meetings are held on a monthly basis and focus on the areas of interest to the group. The common experiences we share among family members are:

  • worries about the future for family member
  • housing modifications/accommodation
  • funding issues
  • being unsure of relevant services and supports in the community
  • health issues including pressure sores, bladder and bowel care and sexuality
  • what to do about self care

If this support group can help you, we would love you to join us. Sessions are facilitated by Jenny Koadlow and AQA’s Peer Support Coordinator, Nazim Erdem.

We meet usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1 pm to 3 pm at The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew. The meeting room will be advised when you RSVP.

Just remember to RSVP by calling Jenny Koadlow on 03 9418 0410 or 0403 046 816, or email [email protected].

Jenny is our clinical psychologist who has worked for many years with individuals, couples, families and groups in the disability sector.

More about our support group...

Who can attend the support group?

What is the cost?

Can I get the psychologist to help me outside of this support group?

Once I start attending, do I need to attend every month or need to send an RSVP each time?


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