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Formerly known as DASSI

Independence Australia is a leading provider of in-home care services for people of all ages, all disabilities and their families across Victoria. We bring the finest quality support workers to your home, for 2 hours to 24 hours 7 days a week. 

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Personal care at home Domestic help at home Recovery and rehabilitation at home Respite care at home Mobility and transport Specialist care at home

No matter what your individual situation is, we care for many different types of diagnosis and levels of mobility including acquired brain injury, spinal cord injuries, stroke, cognitive impairments (dementia) and other medical conditions.

Common questions before you get started

How does it work?

What level of care is offered?

What are the costs?

What can I expect?

Who are the support workers looking after me?

Can I use my regular support worker who is not a part of Independence Australia?  

What happens if I need more support than has been funded?

For more detailed information or assistance in planning your funded support for in-home personal care, please call us on 1300 032 774, email [email protected] or leave us your contact details on the enquiry form on this page.


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