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Disability case management outreach support Call 1300 704 456 
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You can choose how you want to live and where. Our outreach service is designed to help people with a disability to live independently in their own homes by developing and maintaining the skills you need to carry out everyday activities. Our one-on-one support develops your life skills, with whatever help you may need to become independent and participate in your community.

Our service is flexible and the support provided is based on your individual needs. A Case Manager first visits you in your home to answer your questions and determine the level of support you need. Then we develop a plan together to map out your goals and plan what you want to achieve. Our trained staff will then work with you in your home, or in the local community to achieve these goals.

We offer assistance as you need it. Our services include:

  • developing household day to day skills such as cooking, menu planning, house cleaning, laundry and budget planning
  • linking you with community, leisure and cultural activities
  • building skills to use local facilities and services such as banks, shops, public transport, recreational facilities
  • support to become involved with others in the community, to experience a variety of activities and relationships

This is a free service to all eligible consumers with a disability or the elderly who meet our funding criteria, with no limits on age. Our service can also be provided on a fee for service basis for anyone who is not eligible for the free service. If you’re ineligible, our case managers can provide you with information on alternative services.

You don’t need a formal referral, so you can contact us directly or be referred to us by your carer, health professional or other service provider.

Please note we try to grant priority access to people who may be facing one or more of these situations:

  • at risk of their current accommodation and support arrangements breaking down
  • homeless
  • from a culturally and linguistically diverse or indigenous background
  • experiencing social isolation
  • with a primary carer who is experiencing difficulty providing support at the level required to maintain their current living arrangements
  • able to move to more independent living arrangements

To find out more about our outreach support or whether you’re eligible, please call us on 1300 704 456, email [email protected] or leave us your contact details on the enquiry form on this page.

Due to demand for this service, we often need to place you on a waitlist for this service. But we’ll try our best to advise you of an estimated start date and place you with a case manager at the earliest convenience.



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