Welcome to Mark, our new SpinChat speaker

Mark was less than 2km from home, when he lost control of the car and collided with a telephone pole.

The accident occurred on wet roads and Mark lost traction when he tried to overtake a car that had sped up to more than 100km per hour. For Mark, his accident resulted in a severed spinal cord, broken neck and closed head injury. Mark was airlifted to The Alfred Hospital and later transferred to Ivanhoe Manor where he would spend the next 19 months in rehabilitation.

At only 18 years old when his accident occurred, Mark had not yet decided on his future job but had considered a career as a helicopter pilot with the Army, a graphic designer or a position in the media. For Mark, the accident meant many of the possibilities and opportunities he once dreamt of seemed gone forever.

However, it was determination and a passion for further studies that has enabled Mark to overcome his challenges and become the successful and independent man he is today. Mark has completed a degree in occupational therapy and now works for Monash University with a master's degree well underway.

For Mark, the message of injury prevention in young drivers is one he wants to communicate to as many teenagers as he can. As part of the SpinChat team Mark now visits secondary schools across Victoria to raise awareness and educate students about risk prevention and preventable injuries to the spinal cord.

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