SpinChat launches new video

Independence Australia's spinal cord injury awareness program SpinChat, has launched a new video this month.

In the video, five of the SpinChat speakers share their experiences of sustaining a spinal cord injury at a young age. With injuries resulting from car accidents, water related incidents and sports accidents, each of the speakers have a unique story to tell.

In addition to the prevention message, the video also tells of the importance of resillience and overcoming challenges.

The SpinChat program visits high school students across Victoria to help raise awareness of spinal cord injury and promote its prevention. With research revealing that new cases of spinal cord injury are most common amongst 15-24 year olds, the program's prevention message is an important one for high school students.

The new video will be used to help promote the program and raise broader awareness of spinal cord injury.

If you would like more information about SpinChat or to book a session for your school, contact us on 03 9418 0463 or [email protected].