How to survive a 'down' or 'blue' day

All of us have days when we feel down for no particular reason. We may wake up feeling tired and listless with hopeless thoughts going through our mind. When this happens it’s useful to say to ourselves “just because I'm feeling low now, doesn't mean I have to stay this way”. This article details some things to be aware of to help survive these ‘blue’ days.

When days like this come out of the blue they often set off negative ways of thinking. If you have been depressed in the past, it will tend to trigger old habits of thought that may make things worse. We may overgeneralise and tell ourselves that every day is like this, we might predict things will get worse as the day drags on, or even think we are failing somehow e.g. ‘I am back to square one”. Be aware that making sense of what is happening by thinking this way will undermine taking any action to lift our mood.

Feeling ‘blue’ is normal some days and does not mean it needs to go on for a long time. Be gentle and ask yourself “what can I do to look after myself to get me through this low period”. Let those around you know you are having a down day, let them help. Schedule some “me” time, plan for some activities you find pleasurable and relaxing.

Take some long slow deep breaths to help gather yourself, and try to see the situation from a wider perspective. Let the wider perspective allow you to become aware of the pull of old thinking habits. You don’t have to fight the feeling, simply let it wash over you. Remember, nothing is forever, with time and some skilful action this feeling too will pass.

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