How to improve your mood with smiling

Research has shown that when you smile, your brain assumes you must be happy. This is because the simple act of smiling releases endorphins in the brain, the feel good chemicals. In addition, both laughter and smiling are contagious, so you help the people around you feel good too! When you smile at someone they usually reciprocate with a smile of their own and we associate this with acceptance and making a connection with someone. Smiling can also enhance people's view of you and can get you noticed.

In some studies it has been shown that people who are depressed have weaker smiling muscles, consequently depression researcher's advocate smiling therapy. It sounds bizarre, but as described above smiling can release feel good hormones and therefore improve mood. Smiling therapy involves making the smiling facial expression with eyes wide open and research shows that people reap the same benefits as a normal smile.

Try this exercise and see what results you get

Make the smiling expression with eyes wide open for a few seconds and then rub or massage your face and head for several seconds. Do not do this in front of a mirror if you will view yourself negatively and look for flaws. It's a quick relaxing endorphins fix and see how it affects your current thoughts and mood.

Finally, if you are having a bad day, feeling little down or little lonely, smile like crazy at everyone you see! Remember that when you smile the whole world smiles with you.

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