Marie hopes to walk again

Marie hopes to walk againMarie, who is a consumer of Independence Australia, is determined to not let her injury stop her from leading a normal life. Thanks to stem cell therapy received in India, a new walking aid and the support of family and Independence Australia, Marie is feeling positive about her future.

Marie's new transfer and mobility apparatus, the Rifton TRAM, is the first of its kind in Australia. The mobility aid is an innovative device that combines sit-to-stand and supported walking functions.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, the Rifton TRAM features a patent pending support system that secures the patient with a simple buckle. Compact and ultra-light the mobility aid is easy to manoeuvre. With expandable legs, the Rifton TRAM can also accommodate transfers in and out of wide wheelchairs.

A training session on how to operate the Rifton TRAM was recently held at Independence Australia's head office for Marie and her Support Workers.

Whilst demonstrating the mobility aids' capabilities Marie's excitement was clear to everyone. "It's given me a feeling that there is hope," she said. "My goal for 2014 is I'm going to walk." Marie also thanked her husband, Kanwarjit Singh, who has been by her side throughout her journey.