Welcome to Rob, our new SpinChat speaker

Welcome to Rob, our new SpinChat speakerIn 2008 Rob had a motorbike accident that changed his life forever. He hit a car head on and broke approximately 60% of the bones in his body.

Rob was airlifted to hospital and spent the following two weeks in an induced coma; he had suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) and now faced life as a complete paraplegic. Rob also severely damaged his left arm and the doctors advised of the possibility of amputation.

Whilst recounting his long journey of recovery Rob commented. After months in a rehabilitation centre then came the overwhelming task of learning how to live and trying to accept how life was going to be in a wheelchair. I found myself battling with depression, obesity, low self esteem and isolation due to my fear of people judging and staring at me.

Friends and family always stood by Rob and encouraged him to get back into the gym. Rob explained, "This was my turning point. I then decided to dedicate my life to being as strong, fit and healthy as I could be". Rob has now established his own personal training and fitness business and is enjoying a happy and healthy life.

As part of the SpinChat team Rob also visits secondary schools across Victoria to raise awareness and educate students about spinal cord injury. Rob shares his personal experiences of SCI with students and reminds them that the most common causesSpinChat
ARE preventable.

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