Help Lonely Planet let everyone enjoy Melbourne

Help Lonely Planet let everyone enjoy MelbourneThey have selected the most appropriate sights and activities, bars, restaurants and hotels from their Melbourne and Victoria guide and need your feedback on how accessible they are.

Lonely Planet always sends expert authors to review every establishment and business featured in their guides. Their motto is, 'we know because we go'. However, for this pilot project, they want to augment their authors' opinions with yours: you know best from personal experience whether a place is suitable for somebody with your condition, or for a family member or somebody you know who has a physical impairment.

This is your chance to help locals and visitors enjoy the amazing experiences that Melbourne has to offer, even though they may have a condition that inhibits their access to some of its attractions. As with every one of their guides, the Lonely Planet team will acknowledge everybody who gives feedback in the back of the book.

They've created a simple online form for your feedback, with a straightforward rating system, plus space to add comments. Don't forget to nominate your favourite accessible venues in Melbourne - Lonely Planet can't promise to include every suggestion, but they will certainly check them all out.

Don't forget to spread the word - but be quick: submissions close 22 June 2014.

For further information about Lonely Planet's accessible travel project, please e-mail [email protected].