Supportive Ski Lessons with Disabled Wintersport

Facilitated by Disabled Wintersport Australia, the camp was specially designed to provide accessible and supportive ski lessons to people with disabilities. For many, the camp was their first time experiencing snow, with Falls Creek delivering stunning weather for the occasion. Throughout the trip, not only was fun had by all but each participant also successfully rose to physical challenges presented by the snow. For one participant the weekend was particularly special as she had been a regular snow boarder before becoming a bilateral amputee and had not visited the snow since. Attending this camp meant that she got to experience the snow for the first time in nine years, and by the end of the weekend she was almost skiing independently. The weekend provided each participant with the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and experience a new sport, whilst also making new friends and having some laughs along the way. Overall, Independence Australia’s snow sports camp was a fantastic success. A big thank you to Disabled Wintersport Australia for hosting, Jiri Cech for capturing the action and our support team and generous donors for making this invaluable experience possible.