Disability allowances and benefits


Access Travel Pass

For people with a significant permanent physical or mental disability who travel independently on Victoria's public transport network and can demonstrate that due to their disability they cannot use the myki ticketing systems.

Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS)

For people who have permanent loss of bladder and or bowel function (incontinence) due directly to a permanent urological condition or a permanent and severe intellectual impairment.

Carer Allowance

For carers who provide additional daily care and attention for someone with a disability or medical condition, or who is frail aged.

Companion Card

For people with a significant, permanent disability who can demonstrate they are unable to access most community activities and venues without attendant care support. Participating organisations issue the cardholder with a second ticket for their companion at no charge.

Disability Support Pension

Financial support for people who have a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric condition that stops them from working or who are permanently blind.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment

Annual payment of $140 to people who experience additional increases in home energy costs from the use of essential medical equipment to manage their disability or medical condition.

GST Exemption on Cars

If you are an eligible person with a disability who is gainfully employed and you are buying or leasing a car, or purchasing car parts GST-free, you can present this declaration to your car or car parts supplier.

Medical Cooling Concession

Provides a 17.5% discount on summer electricity costs where a member of the family has a medical condition that affects the body's ability to regulate temperature.

Mobility Allowance

Help for people with disability, illness or injury who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance and participate in approved activities.

Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass

Supports independent travel for people who are dependent on scooters and wheelchairs with free travel on Melbourne metropolitan trains, trams and buses, V/Line services, Regional town buses and Regional services.

Seniors Card

Obtain discounts from thousands of businesses across Victoria and never have to pay full fare for public transport nation-wide.

Stamp Duty exemption for Car Purchases

For people with a disability who require car modifications and receive a refund from the State Revenue Office for the cost of Stamp Duty on the purchase of a car or for modifications on a car.  Phone 13 21 61 and supply receipts for modification work completed.

Social Security Cards

Pensioner Concession cards are issued to people who receive a pension and  Health Care cards are issued to people who receive a Mobility Allowance or a Child Disability Allowance.

Veteran's Affairs

A range of benefits are available for people with a disability due to service in the armed forces.

Victorian Carer Card

Provides discounts and benefits to carers in Victoria.