SpinChat presentationSpinChat is an initiative of Independence Australia to raise awareness, promote prevention and educate secondary school students about spinal cord injury.

Ten young people with a spinal cord injury help us to deliver a powerful preventative message to secondary school students across Victoria. They share their personal accounts of how they acquired their injury and why students need to think about how they can minimise their risks.

We've since taken our injury prevention message to over 40,000 Victorian students.

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Why is SpinChat a vital program?

Statistics around spinal cord injury highlight how important a prevention message is for students:

  • 15-24 year olds are at highest risk of a spinal cord injury (80% male, 20% female)
  • 350-400 new cases of spinal cord injury are reported in Australia each year; that's more than one every day
  • most common causes of spinal cord injury are preventable
  • there is no cure for spinal cord injury

With high school students approaching the legal driving and drinking age, we believe the message of injury prevention and risk minimisation is an important one.

Our speakers

Through an open and honest delivery of their stories, we're confident our speaker's experiences and prevention message will resonate strongly with students. 

Speakers have the following in common:

  • they have a spinal cord injury and use a wheelchair
  • their injuries were a direct result of an accident
  • they had their accident when they were in a high risk age group
  • they all believed an accident would never happen to them
Read the full bios of our speakers by clicking here.

What to expect

Typically a SpinChat session lasts between 45-60 minutes, but can be tailored to suit your specific timetable requirements.

A session generally includes a short introductory DVD, a speak sharing their personal story and question time for students.

SpinChat high school safety injury prevention program

Book a SpinChat session

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More about SpinChat

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