Iron Wills

Iron Wills book polio

Iron Wills is book about a group of Victorians struck down by the poliomyeleitis virus. Through papers and materials from high profile survivors and health professionals, it explores the dilemma of post polio, the silence, and the battle to be taken seriously by health professionals and government.

Read about how lives were changed, mostly in early childhood from diagnosis, to treatment, school, work, and to the dreadful discovery that worse was yet to come; the late effects of polio. It took years to convince the medical profession and even family members that Post Polio Syndrome was a reality.

Personal accounts reveal painful, funny and highly personal aspects of the epidemics including how famillies managed the often tough treatment meted out, plus the many wonderful ongoing relationships with physiotherapists, nurses and doctors.

Illustrated by photographs from family albums, as well as historical pictures, the book aims to validate the journey and provide a unique record for others to learn from.

Iron Wills is available at a cost of $20 plus postage. To purchase a copy please email [email protected].


Polio Network Victoria (PNV) is a free service of Independence Australia providing relevant and accessible information, referral and support services to people who have had polio, or who are now experiencing the late effects/post polio syndrome, their families, carers and advocates.