Disposable pads

Common bladder and bowel problems

Pads, pants and bedding protection are purpose made products in a wide range of sizes, absorbencies and designs for urinary, bowel or faecal incontinence. Here we share the answers to common questions we receive about disposable pads, pants and bedding. Please note the information supplied is general in nature and you should consult your medical practioner for individual advice.

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FAQs about pads

QUIZ TIME: How do I choose the right continence pad?

PAD GUIDE: What types of disposable continence pads are available?

Why do I experience leakage with some disposable continence products?

We're taking our mother on a 2-week holiday interstate. She has dementia and wears pull-ups but at times still wets the bed. At home we use a bed pad but I am wondering what to do when we are staying at a motel.

I have heard that padded washable underwear will not absorb as much urine as a disposable pad. Is this true?

Even though I wear a pad and two pull-ups I find that my clothes are still getting wet. Can you suggest a waterproof cover that will stop the leakage?

My mother is 92 and is semi independent. She is able to care for herself most of the time but worries about not getting to the toilet in time. Occasionally she has an accident. She doesn't want to wear a pad or pull up pants. Are there such things as washable continence pants?

I'm a volunteer driver who transports people to their appointments. Sometimes the car seat is soiled. Is there something available that I could use to protect the seating?

Can I wear a disposable pad when I go swimming?

My mother wears pull up pants but says that she can't go out as they're too hard to change when she is not at home. Any suggestions?

I have recently had surgery and am finding it difficult and slow to get out of bed. I have a new mattress and am worried that I might have an accident! What bed products are available to protect the bed?

My mother is 83 years old and she wears a small incontinence pad for security. The problem is that when she gets out of bed in the morning she is unable to hold on and the carpet is stained and starting to smell.

I have an 8-year-old child with a disability and I am finding the baby nappies and pull-ups are now too small and adult products are too big. Is there something that would fit her?

I am looking for the right product for my 12-year-old son who has bowel incontinence as a result of imperforate anus. Is there a washable product I can use?

I am having difficulty finding the right pad for faecal incontinence. On occasions I have loose bowel actions and I am now afraid to go out in case of an accident. What do you suggest?

My aunt sometimes has trouble getting to the toilet in time. She doesn't want to wear a disposable pad. She is quite overweight. Are there washable padded pants available to suit her size?

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Please note the information supplied is general in nature. Please consult your medical practioner for individual advice.