Funding schemes

The Australian Government funds various funding schemes for incontinence products, each with different eligibility criteria and funding allocations. The schemes are open to all Australian citizens who meet the eligibility criteria. You may even be eligible to apply for government funding through several schemes. Here we've summarised the various schemes available across Australia.

National Schemes

National funding schemes

CAPS (Continence Aids Payment Scheme)

DVA RAP (Rehabilitation Appliances Program)

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

NEBDS (National Epidermolysis
Bullosa Dressing Scheme)


 NSW Schemes

NSW Funding Schemes
EnableNSW (Enable New South Wales)


 QLD Schemes

QLD Funding Schemes

MASS (Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme)

 WA Schemes

WA Funding Schemes

CMASS (Continence Management and Support Scheme)
IPS (Incontinence Pad Scheme) 

TAS Schemes

TAS Funding Schemes
CES (Community Equipment Scheme)

VIC Schemes

VIC Funding Schemes
SWEP (State-Wide Equipment Program)