Help support people with disabilities

There are many community providers of care, but Independence Australia leads the way as a social enterprise that provides choices for people living with a disability or other personal need, enabling them to regain and retain their independence within a supportive community.

For almost 60 years we’ve been trusted to provide care for people who need only simple support, or who have very high and complex needs. As a social enterprise, we use our fundraising and income from our operations to deliver major programs which are not eligible for government funding, all because we see the amazing impact these services make in people’s lives. By joining our team, you become a part of our social enterprise efforts.

Our industry needs you...

Significant changes are occurring across the aged care, disability and home and community care sectors.

These are driven by phenomenal growth in the number of Australians requiring care, different approaches to funding, such as the introduction and implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and higher expectations from consumers.

Within the next few years the number of elderly Australians requiring care will skyrocket. This will create unprecedented demand for you as a personal carer.

At the same time, the landscape is changing for the disability and home and community care sectors. For example, people with a disability are now taking greater control over their own care and have greater freedom of choice. These changes will provide new and additional employment opportunities.