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Here you can read the latest news from Independence Australia and our partners. Together we can support people living with a disability or other physical need to regain and retain their independence.


Think I can’t? Think again! Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week 201


Tim McCallum was embarking on his career in the music industry when, at 18 years-old, a diving accident left him with a spinal cord injury (quadriplegia). Despite being told he wouldn’t be able to sing like he used to, Tim defied expectations and returned to the stage by adapting his singing technique to compensate for the physical challenges of his disability. More

TAC and Independence Australia partner up to reduce spinal cord injury


The Transport Accident Commission has extended its partnership with Independence Australia to deliver a program aimed at preventing spinal cord injury among young Victorians. The SpinChat program involves young people with spinal cord injuries visiting high school students to talk about how their injuries happened and their lives before and after. More

DASSI and Independence Australia set to join forces


Two of Victoria’s largest disability service agencies, DASSI and Independence Australia, have signed an agreement to merge. Both DASSI and Independence Australia are community service agencies that focus on assisting people with disabilities to live full and independent lives. More

Pier jumping victim’s summer safety warning


Nazim Erdem in conjunction with Parks Victoria and Independence Australia is reminding Victorians to think before they jump or dive from piers and jetties this summer to minimise the risk of spinal cord injury. More

A split second decision can cause a life-long injury


Victoria's Paul Mariager was just 16 years old when a single moment changed the course of his life. "My life was turned upside down. Instead of having fun with mates, going to parties and riding bikes, I was now hospitalised and having to confront the new reality of living life as a quadriplegic." More

Free access to Victoria's top tourist attractions


Victoria's favourite tourist attractions have teamed up with disability organisation Independence Australia to host Accessibility Weekend (November 15–16). Now in its tenth year, Accessibility Weekend will see over 20 attractions across Victoria open their doors for free to wheelchair users and their carers. More

Spinal Alliance sets agenda for a national spinal cord injury strategy


Today the Australian Spinal Injury Alliance (Spinal Alliance), representing eight of Australia’s state-based spinal cord injury organisations, launches its vision, and approach to deliver a National Spinal Cord Injury Strategy that will lay the foundation for better outcomes, both social and economic, for all Australians who have sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI). More